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Medical Attention You Can Rely On

Experience the best in cardiac care at Leamington Cardiac! We offer the latest in diagnostic testing, including Cardiac Stress Test, Resting EKG Test, and Heart Monitors, to ensure your heart is in good health. Let us take care of your heart today!


Leamington Cardiac is your premier cardiac care provider, offering a variety of services including stress tests, holters, heart monitors, EKGs, and follow-up consultations to meet the needs of all patients. Visit our center today and let our team of experienced and compassionate professionals provide you with the best care possible.


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Meeting Leamington Cardiac is knowing that you’re in good hands. Using skill and knowledge, they offer some of the most comprehensive and clear-cut health treatments . Whether you are a new or returning patient, Leamington Cardiac will help you handle any challenges that may arise. Call the office today to discuss your specific situation in full confidence or to plan your next visit.

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33 Princess St, Leamington, ON N8H 5C5

226 620 2020

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